Paper Theatre Film based on a famous Japanese Story…..

The Spider Thread is a short animation film based on the famous short story by the renowned modern Japanese writer Ryuunosuke Akutagawa. It tells the story of a cold-hearted sinner called Kandata who is in Hell because of his past monstrous life. One day, Buddha looked down from Paradise into Hell and he saw that Kandata had done one good deed in his past life – he had saved the life of a spider.

London-based Japanese theatre-maker Aya Nakamura takes you in to a story about little kindness and selfish betrayal.

Using the art of Paper Theatre, this short film is cinematically created with college, hand drawings and photographs, inspired by Hokusai and old Samurai movie posters. With music specially composed by Verity Lane, a British sound artist who has dedicated herself to creating highly visual soundscapes for traditional Japanese instruments.

Drawing together the Japanese tradition of Kamishibai with the Western approach of Paper Theatre, see how this unique meeting will unfold.

Creative Members
Aya Nakamura: Directing, Image, Puppeteering, Voice, Camera, Editing
Mohsen Nouri: Additional Puppeteering, Voice, Camera
Verity Lane: Composer
Ko Ishikawa: Sho Player
BeiBei Wang : Percussion
EmmersivO: Audi Mixer
Atsushi Tohriyama: Calligrapher
Paul Piris: Producer
Eleanor Margolies: Audio Describer
Monika Kita: Editing Consultant