Paul Piris

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Paul is the Artistic Director of Rouge28 Theatre.

He has been working as a director for nearly ten years in France and in the UK. His work has been performed in many London fringe theatres, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at Shunt Lounge, in France, Poland and Belgium. Recent works include The Story of the Panda Bears at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Furies at Bialystok International Puppet Festival in Poland, Madame at the Ghent International Puppet Festival in Belgium and at Shunt Lounge, Postalgia and Urashima Taro, both at Shunt Lounge.
His work is focused in combining puppetry with other performance forms in order to investigate and interrogate how reality can be perceived.

Paul has been trained in many disciplines such as acting, physical theatre, masks and puppetry which give him a very broad approach in his work. He completed an MA in Directing at Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

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