Aya Nakamura

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Aya Nakamura is Associate Artist of Rouge28 Theatre. Aya is a multi-award-winning theatre-maker, puppeteer and puppet maker. Through Rouge28 Theatre, she explores incorporating both puppets and the presence of its puppeteer into the performance and narrative. She writes, performs, designs and fabricates puppets in collaboration with Paul Piris. Their productions Urashima Taro, Kwaidan and Mademoiselle Lychee have taken them to France, Poland, Denmark, Greece, Singapore and across the UK.

Aya is also a freelance puppeteer, a regular collaborator with Polka Theatre (Sarah and Duck’s Big Top Birthday, Charlie and Lola's Extremely New Play, Charlie and Lola's Best, Bestest Play), Horse+Bamboo Theatre (Hansel and Gretel, The Nightingale, Twittering Machine) and Icelandic company Handbendi Brúðuleikhús (Duvet Day, Meadow).
And she has worked on many other children's and adult puppet productions for a variety of theatre companies including The Depraved Appetite of Tarrare the Freak (Wattle and Daub Figure Theatre), The Frog and The Princess (Norwich Puppet Theatre), Twin Stars (Unicorn Theatre), Imaginary Friends (Whalley Range All Stars / Babok).

Puppeteering has taken her beyond stage, where she was one of the puppetry team for the Argos Alien Family Commercial campaigns (Smuggler / CHI&Partners) and for ITV's puppet satirical TV series Newzoids. She was also appearing in Daedala (Oliver Hymans) at Tate Modern. More information about Aya can be found at

Aya is originally from Japan and is currently based in London, but she spent much of her teen years living in Singapore.

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