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Every night, in an abandoned room, two sisters, Claire and Solange, re-enact a strange and erotic ceremony. Madame explores the themes of identity and of duality by combining theatre and puppetry. Freely inspired by The Maids by Jean Genet, Madame is a surreal and poetic tale about the eternal couple of the Saint and the Murderer.
Madame was performed at Central School of Speech and Drama, at the Ghent International Puppet Festival in Belgium and at Shunt Lounge in London.

Director: Paul Piris – Performers: Sura Dohnke, Annelot Dits, Puppet maker and adviser: Aya Nakamura – Scenographer: Yuko Ono – Lighting designer: Boris Kahnert – Costume designer: Agnieszka Tomaszewska – Movement adviser: Ayse Tashkiran.
Graphic design: Adam Hypki
Special thanks to Claire Doucet and Ana Sanchez-Colberg for their support.


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